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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact one of our Michigan I.A.A. reps listed here or submit a question via the form below.

I.A.A. Board Members
phone number
C.R. LaFata 810.712.2972
Chris Dunn 810.705.6297
Rob Komyathy 989.971.8540
Al Burk 810.614-4590
Rocky Cummins 810.397.0543
Michigan I.A.A. Representatives
Phone Number
Jeff Woods 989.928.8742
Brent Woodward  989.621.2594
Patty Watson 810.990.9438
I.A.A. Secretary
Sara Ervans 989.225.1061
I.A.A. Webmaster
Mark Hurlburt 810.247.3954

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